How are the Baobab Collection candles and diffusers made?

Baobab Collection candles and interior scents bring together exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials.


A Baobab Collection Candle is one made by hand and with great care. Each candle is hand blown by master glass craftsmen with a unique ancestral knowledge. Every candle is therefore unique. The wax is then hand poured, and can require up to six successive layers and four days of labor.

Once the wax has been poured, the candles are carefully cleaned. They then receive their attributed label and black ribbon by hand and are packed in a Baobab Collection box. 

Raw materials

The Materials used are meticulously selected in order to create a scented candle of the highest quality.  All ingredients are sourced in Europe.

We use a high-quality wax, made in Germany. The glass is hand-blown in Poland, and the Egyptian cotton wicks are assembled in Germany. Our limited edition leather comes from Italy. Finally, all fragrances are developed by the greatest aroma facilities in Grasse and Switzerland.

 In order to find out more about our fabrication process, we invite you to visit our Our Craftmanship page. 

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