For Her 

For Her
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    The Women scented candle is delicately printed with 9-karat yellow gold. The design represents the feminine symbol, treated as a graphic element. This light pink pattern is outlined in a gold line as a reminder of how precious women truly are.

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    Throughout the centuries, white pearls have been seen as symbols of purity and love. Sprinkled with bursts of beige and white, the White Pearls scented candle recalls the astounding quality of pearls, also known as “tears of the gods.”

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    The White Flower Talisman is a scented silicone mask that, for 4 months, will release its scent into your wardrobe or intimate spaces of your life.

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    The glass of the scented candle recalls the magic of the Minas Gerais Brazilian stones. Its shapes are placed in a random way according to the dexterity of the craftsman, giving each candle a unique aspect.

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    Covered in full-grain red leather, the Baobab Collection lighter is a precious object meant for exhibition. Its long rectangular form is both contemporary and perfectly suited to any type of candle. A torch flame has been designed by the best of engineers in order to ensure an efficient and secure lighting. *The lighter is sold empty with a gas refill...

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    As majestic as they are colorful, the Totem Bliss perfume diffusers will take you to a world of joyful beatitude. Their hand-glazed ceramic caps add a precious touch in an elegant finish. The Totem Bliss is available in 2 liters and 5 liters bottles, and becomes a jewel to offer as a gift box with a 250 milliliters bottle, a perfect addition to any...

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    Referencing the burst of color found in a field of flowers or an explosive sunset, the Eden Garden candle brings a touch of fashion to your interiors.

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